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My producing work has spanned reality TV, documentaries, multimedia web content, and live events.  

I’m currently working on a docu-series about the sense of smell.


"Vogue and VICE may appear to some to see the world through different lenses, but, in my view, both are fearless and breathtaking, with unquenchable curiosity and vigor.
– Anna Wintour

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As an Associate Research Producer on this Editorial Partnership, I spent the days ideating, researching, and talking through creative pitches based on 17 different themes with editorial team members from VICE and Vogue. While the project was ultimately cancelled due to #metoo allegations investigated in this important piece, it was an incredible opportunity to work with really talented people who challenged me daily.

I worked for a couple days on the sets of this film with a small-but-mighty team. If You’re Not In the Obits, Eat Your Breakfast, asks, In this documentary, irrepressible writer-comedian Carl Reiner (who shows no signs of slowing down at 95) tracks down several celebrated nonagenarians, and a few others over 100, to show how the twilight years can truly be the happiest and most rewarding.

I was on-set for a performance by Mr. Tony Bennett, where he had to perform a song several times for different takes, and I witnessed a consummate professional. I’m sure he was tired and over it, but he never let it show in his attitude or his performance.


TheVisualMD is an award-winning producer of visually rich health content. Compelling, human stories are brought to life using high-end 3D visualizations based on actual human data acquired from MRIs, CT Scans, Electron Microscopy and other medical imaging technologies.

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The Company uses pioneering visualization technology to create awe-inspiring images from deep inside the human body. From the molecular level and up through cells, tissues, organs, and systems, proprietary scientific visualizations deliver images that are unrivaled in accuracy and artistry. Their mission is to improve health and vitality by empowering people to visually understand and manage their health. I worked in the video department bringing the stories to life as an Associate Producer, researching health news, experts, and patients to provide a voice that supported the visuals.

I loved the research aspect of that job, and of interviewing people, but the coolest thing about working there was that I met tons of talented 2D and 3D artists.

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In 2013 I challenged myself to produce, shoot, and edit every aspect of a video by myself. I asked activist and dear friend Abraham Paulos if I could try my hand at creating content for Families For Freedom, where he was Executive Director at the time. Families For Freedom is a New York-based multi-ethnic human rights organization by and for families facing and fighting deportation. 

I strove to cover their work in office supporting, educating, and running campaigns to protect human rights and keep families together. 

The video came out nicely, but it was not without issues. The big lesson: running proper audio requires experience, and I didn’t have it. While it fell short of being professional quality, I’m proud to have worked with this organization. As we continue to understand more about the inhumane ways detainees are treated and families are separated, this organization remains really important.

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As a Story Associate Producer, I worked on a team with talented people to track the drama of this docusoap. I transcribed notes in real time as we shot scenes in the field, often crouched like a troll behind an object just offscreen with a laptop and headset. This was a lesson in breaking down story beats and dramatic structure.

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With my hardworking team, I traveled across the country to shoot six different segments for an episode in season 12. In Mysteries at the Museum, Don Wildman embarks on an epic quest to solve the world's greatest mysteries through incredible storytelling. Pitching segments for this show was a delightful challenge. An artifact had to turn into a mystery, which meant there had to be a question at the core of the story around it. Another satisfying aspect of working on this show was the chance to hear museum employees talking about their areas of expertise.


The year was was I to know? Here’s a great article if you’re interested in unpacking this correlation further. I was a talent PA on Season 11 of Celebrity Apprentice with Ms. Nene Leakes, Lil Jon, Jon Rich, Meatloaf, Star Jones, LaToya Jackson, Marlee Matlin, and Gary Busey.


I was a production coordinator on Iron Chef America, but my first job at the Food Network was in 2007 as a PA on Emeril Live. One of the culinary producers knew I dreamt of cooking, so she would have me make Emeril’s lunches. She was also a great Italian cook, and I make her spaghetti recipe every year for Christmas. 

I always say that I got super lucky to have that show as an introduction to working in TV. It had all the things I love about working in show business: a live audience brought the buzzing feeling of showtime, a comedian got the crowd warmed up, proving that positive energy created the best working atmosphere, a live band kept the vibe alive, and everyone had a place to be and a job to do. Not only that, but they were really good at what they did. I loved being on set—stepping over cords and dolly rails, the big grid of studio lights, guardians of carts of camera equipment wearing set blacks, and an entire village of people with a specific job to do. The best part was that the people I worked with over the years were largely kind and willing to answer my questions and feed my curiosity.