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I have contributed to magazines as a fiction writer and as a reporter. I’ve written treatments for concert documentaries, artist bios, a one-act play, and branded lifestyle content and for fashion companies and Discovery Digital Studios (Food Network, HGTV, TRVL, and TLC). I coded a choose-your-own-adventure game.

I have a Masters in Writing with a Fiction Concentration from Columbia University.  I’ve organized readings, writing sessions, and worked on DIY magazines.

I’m currently working on a TV pilot and a piece about sensory data and AI.

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My time at Columbia was expansive and challenging in that I was asked to read works I never would have picked up on my own, and I was fortunate to be surrounded and challenged by my talented peers and teachers.

I served as the president of the Interdisciplinary Arts Council, for the School of the Arts, whose mission is to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, foster a nurturing community, and advocate for the needs of the student body.

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While at Columbia, one of my favorite teachers was Victor LaValle. He was so big on story structure and is also a lovely human who I could count on to give me solid feedback on my own writing. I interviewed him here for Guernica Magazine, expertly edited by Ed Winstead.

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On Makeup Magazine and is the first publication and website of its type – bringing together pro-driven, art-inspired, broad interest content into a hybrid trade magazine and website that respects and responds equally to the art of the makeup industry as well as product and craft. Our team have a unique perspective and history in our industry and bring that experience and passion for the artistry behind the artist to every issue through our content, design and art direction.

I contributed to the Fiction section on two separate occasions, each time collaborating with the very talented David Gilmore. Although he created illustrations based off my words for these pieces, David is actually known for his body paint artistry, among other things.


Every year, the company that puts on Bonaroo hosts Superjam, a gathering of musicians who come together at the last minute to put on an extra special show. After Tom Petty passed away, the Superjam was organized as a tribute concert to him. I was hired to write the documentary treatment for the concert. 

In researching for the project, I watched tons of Tom Petty content, and gained a lot of respect for the man who I previously knew only for his great music. On multiple occasions, he stood up for his work and his rights in the music industry. My favorite tidbit I carried away from this project was that he used to leave the front rows empty at his shows, and at the last minute, invite the people in the very back to come down to fill them.

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For seven years, I trained in an Afro-Brazilian martial art called capoeira. I started teaching it in grade schools, and wrote a piece about its benefits for kids in New York Family magazine.

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